We Told You So

We told you this would happen. In 2016, Black women in my life and all over my social media feeds begged and pleaded for people to vote for Hillary Clinton. We knew the GOP was playing a long game of disenfranchisement that would end badly for anyone who wasn't rich, white and male. Forced birth … Continue reading We Told You So

Bah Humbug

It's Christmas time, but it doesn't feel like Christmas time. Maybe it's because we're in the second year of a global pandemic. Maybe it's the fact that I finally made the decision to stop going home for the holidays because I always leave feeling emotionally bruised and fragile. Maybe it's because I don't have a … Continue reading Bah Humbug

O, Canada

I spent this past week in Toronto with my husband and family. We've all been social distancing pretty hard core since the beginning of the pandemic and we were all feeling a need for a break. So when his sister suggested this trip, we hopped on it. Traveling was nerve wracking, especially with the strict … Continue reading O, Canada