A welcome respite

Three finals, a feverish paper writing session and one long semester later, I am done with 2L fall and officially halfway through law school! HALLELUJAH THANK YA JESUS!

I had a week in between finals, so last weekend I went to the City to see the Wale concert with Jaleesa. And rapidly came to the conclusion that I am too old (mentally) to be going to rap concerts. I hate to be one of those catty girls but some of the outfits I saw were just plain inappropriate and reeked of desperation to boot. It’s high time we started back promoting the aesthetic appeals of proper foundation garments (read: slips, girdles, and well fitting bras)!

While I was there, I had lunch with my neo. She crossed right before I had finals in the spring and she went home to California for the summer; I just never managed to hook up with her before then. But she’s mad cool (although I don’t expect anything less from a Glamorous Gamma Rho chapter ace!). It was a good time. I’m attending a grad chapter meeting in Orangeville after spring semester starts, and I’m thinking about joining. Tex has senior design, so I won’t be making as many trips to see him because he’ll be swamped in work. I love my law school besties, but I need people to hang with who don’t know anything about res judicata!

I got home today and it’s nice to finally be able to breathe. I’ve already started touching base with Maya, Sunny and Porsche, I have plans to go see Sherlock Holmes with Sissy and it looks like I’m going to have a lot of fun this break despite my upcoming oral surgery (two of my wisdom teeth are getting removed, ugh). I also plan to take some time for spiritual reflection by going to church. Usually listening to gospel music is church enough for me, but sometimes I miss singing the old hymns and reciting the apostles’ creed. [Favorite line: “from thence he shall come to judge the quick and the dead.” It’s so theatrical!]

I’m just glad to have nothing but fun, optional things on my plate for a bit. I did do the anal law student thing and obsessively rechecked the schedule (I need my all my spring electives to be relatively easy B’s). Turns out I will be dropping First Amendment Law–it’s too intense to be taking with four other classes, especially when one of them is Evidence! I’m going to sign up for Gender and the Law instead.

Anyway. Enough school talk, these next few weeks are going to be nothing but fun, food and holiday spirit!



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