What story do I want my closet to tell?

I’ve always been interested in fashion. But, having a virtually nonexistent shopping budget meant that my wardrobe consisted mostly of jeans and t-shirts. The flyest things I owned were relegated to the winter season since the double whammy of Christmas and my birthday in January always meant several new outfits. Now that I’m growing up, finishing law school and looking to enter the work force, I’m recreating my wardrobe. I read a post at Wardrobe Oxygen that linked to this one. Both articles essentially ask the question: what are your style personalities? My closet is still a work in progress as I edit out the things that don’t work for me, but the looks below reflect what I’m drawn to and aspire to in my fashion presentation.

Sporty Prep- My main aesthetic. Relaxed, classic, stylish.

Role models: Katie Holmes, Emma Stone

Loves: Stripes & polka dots, khakis, sneakers, jeans, t-shirts

FLORAL WEDGES photo | Katie HolmesEMMA STONE photo | Emma Stone

Georgia Peach- My playful side. Flirty, feminine, sweet.

Role models: Taylor Swift, Reese Witherspoon

Loves: Floral patterns, empire waists, long cardigans, ballet flats

REESE WITHERSPOON photo | Reese Witherspoon

Madame Secretary- My professional persona. Refined, pulled together, bold.

Role models: Kerry Washington, Michelle Obama

Loves: Geometric patterns, solid colors, tailored silhouettes

KERRY WASHINGTON photo | Kerry Washington 

All three personalities love: Neutrals & jewel tones; small scale, un-busy prints; statement shoes & bags; blazers & sweaters

So what about you? How would you describe your wardrobe alter egos?

One thought on “Dressed

  1. Cleo says:

    I took a style quiz and it said I was “Classic with a Twist…” and I think its so true! I think all of these women embody classic with a twist, and I what I enjoy most about them is that they show that style is timeless. .. and ageless. 🙂 Love your desired looks!


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