A Friend for Every Trial

As I get older, I come to understand more and more the importance of friendship. Of course, my siblings and Tex will always be closest to me, and the people who I turn to first when things get rough. But having friends outside of your SO and your family is important too, not least because their honesty is tempered by the fact that they have to live with you (and potentially hear you air your grievances at every holiday). While I’ve never been the person with the most friends, I have developed a core group of folks who know me well and can be counted on to support me in all the phases of life. So today, I’m going to write a little about the types of friends everyone needs in their life.

The Homegirl

Everybody needs a homegirl, aka the one who it keeps it real. In fact, her honesty can be brutal but there comes a point when you need that. Since realness can veer into bitchy territory, she’s also the person you have on speed dial for days when your snark meter is all the way turnt up and need to vent without judgment.

The Optimist

This is that one friend who can find the bright side of everything. On a normal day this might be slightly annoying (LOL!) but on days when you feel like your life is in shambles she keeps you from feeling like you should jump off a ledge.* Rathern than indulging your hissy fit, she’ll wear you down with cheerfulness, resorting to Disney song quotes if necessary. Because honestly, who can be depressed in the face of quotes from The Lion King?


The Go-Getter

She may not be the most ambitious person you know, but she’s certainly in the top 5. She inspires you to dream bigger and avoid complacency like the plague. If you’re looking for work, she’ll help you rewrite your resume or put you in touch with someone who can. And when you land that great job or promotion, you can brag a little knowing that she’ll still be happy for you because she understands exactly how hard you worked for it.


The Fun One

Of course, you also need a friend who knows how to let loose and have fun. Whenever you’re ready to grab margaritas or dance all night, she’s down! Beyond that, she’s just never a buzzkill. At any social function she’ll find a way to enjoy herself, even if the drinks/food/music/scene/people are terrible.


The Rock

Last but certainly not least, you need a friend that’s practical. She’s not much for pity parties but when the crap hits the fan, she’ll help you clean it up and then figure out, “Now what?” If you’re sick with avian flu, she’ll bring you soup (albeit with a doctor’s mask on). If you’re on vacation, she’ll water your plants and keep your dog. She also makes guest starring appearances on girls’ night out as The Wingwoman and/or The Designated Driver. Often underappreciated, she’s also the one you forget to update when the crisis has passed and everything’s peachy keen again- so give her a call sometimes when your life isn’t falling apart!

*Of course, I would only ever jump off a ground floor ledge that leads to a soft grassy area to break my tumble but, you get the idea.

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