Wedding fatigue

It’s less than two weeks before the wedding, and people keep asking me questions. “What time does the wedding start? What gifts do you want off your registry? What are your wedding colors? Are you excited? I’m excited. You must be SO EXCITED!!!!

. . . . .

. . . . .

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Shoot me in the face!* Maybe I could get excited if people stopped asking me so many damn questions. I know that everyone means well and is excited for me and I’m being a curmudgeon. But as an introvert who is also a highly sensitive person, this wedding shit is practically torture. Ideally, I would have had a super small affair with about 60 of my nearest and dearest and probably had a nice brunch reception with jazz playing in the background. Since my parents would never forgive me for leaving out a single family member or seemingly half the free world, it’s turned into this huge production. l deal with the big picture. If we’ve got a bride & a groom, a pastor, and a pretty dress, then I’m good. Not hard to please at all so long as the wedding license gets signed at the end and we’re not at the courthouse, that’s a good wedding. Barring that, I’d like to be able to stop making wedding related decisions in the three weeks before the wedding so I can relax and enjoy the ambiance of it all.

No such luck.  We are less than 14 days out now, and my mom was asking me about folks to invite last week (!!!) so I just had to put my foot down. This is out of control! She’s also blowing my phone up about flowers–what kind? what color? how many? Hell, I don’t know! “I just want everything to be pretty for your big day,” she says. Of course I smile and thank her like the home trained young lady I am. But really? In Jaleesa’s words, “I’m out of damns to give.” Then there’s my dad, who thinks we’re the Rockefellers and that everyone expects a car to pick them up for the airport because that’s his business. -_- Most regular people rent cars when traveling so they can get around without relying on others. Then today he asked me for the caterer’s phone number. How do you not have their number when you paid for the catering, arranged your own tasting and called them TWO WEEKS AGO? And if you lost it why not GOOGLE it before you ask me? Sweet baby Jesus!!!!! I may turn my phone off for a week after the wedding so I can get some blessed peace and quiet.

*I completely do NOT mean that literally.

2 thoughts on “Wedding fatigue

  1. Penelope K. says:

    I’m a HSP as well and trying to come to an agreement with my fiancé. He wants a backyard bash with his entire family (50+ people) and I just want it to be us at city hall. The thought of being responsible for ‘entertaining’ people overwhelms me. I’m happy with my boring life and it doesn’t take much to stimulate me…. so naturally I fear people will be at my reception saying to each other ‘This is boring. Maybe we’ll just stay an hour.” Uuugh. Luckily my fiancé puts my happiness before his own… so I will likely get my way… city hall… and then out to lunch with just parents and siblings. Uuugh.. it will be so nice when its OVER.

    • ADB says:

      I feel your pain! I did go through a period of feeling really frustrated. But on the day of I just concentrated on the important thing: no matter what, at the end of the day he and I were going to be married, and everyone who was there, was there to celebrate us. People will leave early, especially the older folks, but you’ll be having too much fun to notice. Not gonna lie, it was exhausting to the point that that we both fell asleep after getting to the hotel instead of doing the, er, traditional activities! But it was still one of the best days of my life. It seems overwhelming, but you’ll survive it and actually have fun too. And you can spend your honeymoon having all the quiet fun that you prefer!

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