A Different Kind of Christmas

This year, the holiday season was different from some in years past. First off, the husband & I are still going through a “for poorer” stage of our lives. I got a holiday retail job and while I’m certainly glad for the extra change, it’s definitely way too much work for minimum wage. (Stressed out, entitled holiday shoppers will turn anyone into a Scrooge). I actually had to work the closing shift on Christmas Eve and I get to do it all again the day after, plus I’m working New Year’s Eve and January 1st. Yay me  -_-  I’m not feeling the holiday spirit as much as usual. This year there was no singing Christmas carols and going to church with my family. But my sister and her husband are in Dallas visiting his parents, so on their way back to Atlanta they’re going to spend a couple days with us in Houston! I’m beyond excited to see them both. I know for sure I want to take them to the Galleria just to see the ridiculousness. The Wolf of Wall Street and American Hustle both seem like good movies to see, and they’ve got to have some authentic Texas barbecue! Can’t wait for the fun to begin.

Since I’m finding the silver lining, I should mention that I got a tutoring gig back in October working with a high school senior in AP Economics. She was borderline flunking the class when we started our sessions, but she got an 84 on her final exam! That was a great reward in itself. I got an econ certificate in undergrad but hadn’t looked at the material in years, and there were times when I wondered if I was getting through to her. I’m thrilled that she got so much out of our time together and I’m looking forward to working with her next semester. But the Christmas bonus in the card her parents gave me was certainly appreciated! In a couple of weeks, I’ll (hopefully) be done with retail since I start at a tax firm for a seasonal position. Who knew income tax law would come in handy so quickly? This job is going to give me some great client counseling experience. Plus, I’ll have the expertise to do tax preparation and and audit representation when I hang my own shingle. Hubs got an interview through a friend of a friend of his dad’s, and we’re hoping that pans out. If so, then I’ll know we’ll be in Texas for the long haul and can start preparing for the July bar exam.

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