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Things have been so crazy lately, but here’s an update.

1. I had outpatient knee surgery back in March (dislocated kneecap- next time you sprain something, get an MRI!) and I’m finally starting to get back to normal thanks to 8 weeks of physical therapy and 4 more to go. Unfortunately, the extra cost from that ate up the money we planned to use to go back to Atlanta for Porsche & Aristocat’s wedding today (congratulations, y’all!).  Really missing my friends right now 🙁

2. On the bright side, I’m really starting to feel like Houston is home.

3. Sir Whippington (my car) might don’t make it. I’m down to just 1 functional window and the air compressor broke. Unless I find out the auto shop was really trying to fleece me, it’ll cost more to repair than I’ll get on a trade-in so I may have to get a new ride. I went to run errands at 10am today and it was 80 degrees (with a feel of 88 thanks to humidity). So yeah, trying to get by with no a/c is a heat stroke waiting to happen.

4. Bar prep officially started this week. I was taking notes on Family Law after breakfast today. There’s no such thing as 3 day weekends during bar prep- or 2 day weekends either, since you need to set aside a day strictly for review if you want to have any hope of retaining all that material. The pressure is on and I’m trying not to psych myself out, with mixed results. Pray for me, wish me luck, send me good juju or whatever- it’s all welcome right now! >_<

5. Also trying not to freak out about the post-bar exam job search. FML. I’m joining the local young lawyers association and plan to set aside a few evenings this summer to network so that my bar passage won’t be in vain.

6. This year I definitely want to join a grad chapter for my sorority. Most of my friends here are guys (Tex’s buddies and a couple of folks from college who work out here) and it’d be nice to have a conversation that doesn’t veer into Neanderthal territory. LOL.

So that’s my life right now. Sh*t is getting real! And there’s nothing like bar prep to remind you how much you hated law school. OF course, 2 months of misery for a lifetime of career independence is worth it…but it still sucks.



Ta-ta for now!

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