Don’t bring me no bad news!

*cue Evillene*

2016 has been kind of a bummer so I thought it was time to put some good energy out in the world. *sprinkles glitter*

I’ve been going through my share of struggle but it’s not all bad. I’ve been connected with some folks who I hope will be mentors to me. They helped me make a decision about where to go next professionally and that has been priceless.

Like so many other women, weight and body image has been my cross to bear. This year I decided I needed to make a change, or quit complaining. I’ve been working out at least three times a week for 3 months now, and it’s finally a habit. I don’t always want to do it but I do it anyway. And recently I found a gym that I’m excited to go to. It’s a women’s fitness studio that focuses has all types of classes- from Zumba to pole tricks to aerial silks. I’ve been doing the dance classes mostly and have been having a blast. This past weekend I went to a 2hr cardio dance class choreographed to Beyonce’s 7/11. And next month there will be a limited time adult ballet workshop. I finally feel like I get it now. You really have to find an activity that you love. I’ve always wanted to dance, but I felt so self-conscious that I never did anything past one year of tap/ballet/gymnastics in kindergarten. I secretly envied the drill team girls in high school, but I was a late bloomer and the thought of wearing a short skirt and *gasp* shaking my butt in front of a stadium full of my peers (and parents!) was terrifying. Now I’m more comfortable myself, and to the extent I’m still self-conscious it doesn’t overshadow my desire to let loose and get moving.

How I feel when I’m in dance class:

How I probably look when I’m in dance class:


I’m also going through the agonizing process of making friends. In June I took my long awaited, first ever trip to NYC to visit my sister-from-another-mister Maya, which was SOOOOOO needed. Hopefully she comes to see me in Screwston and the hijinks can continue, but if not it won’t take another 5 years for me to come back! In the meantime Bumble, which is basically feminist Tinder, has a “BFF” feature that allows you to make a profile strictly to find your new bestie. I met two cool girls, one of them just moved to Fort Worth and the other I haven’t had a chance to meet back up with but I’m still putting myself out there. Unfortunately , a new squad is not going to just pop up on my door step so I am willing myself to be an active participant in creating the life I want.

If you have good news to share, feel free to put it in the comments!

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