It’s that time of year again for resolutions. There’s plenty on the internet about how we need S.M.A.R.T. goals instead of resolutions, because without a plan of action good intentions easily fall by the wayside. I already started working on my main goal. Apparently carbs are the devil as far as my metabolism is concerned because I ate pancakes, biscuits, and cookies (albeit in moderate portions and spread throughout the week) and didn’t gain one single solitary pound. Here’s to vegetables, dammit.

Aside from that, I don’t have the bandwidth for too much else this year besides finishing my tax certificate and finding a new job. I’ve been planning and hustling and grinding and worrying and I’m tired! *cue Fabo* “I’m tahd o’ strugg-a-lin!” So my other goal this year is to let go and let God. I didn’t get this far on my own anyway, and obsessively plotting every single step I take is useless and exhausting. I’m gonna put caution on a long leash and wade in the baby pool of recklessness. I mean, let’s not get crazy, right? Bottom line, I’m doing my part. I got the degrees, I’m getting the certification, I’m applying to the jobs and hitting the networking circuit. Not much more to do at this point than let things happen. I’m blessed with a hard working husband and the fact that I had the presence of mind to keep our monthly expenses down to what could be supported on one income instead of two. I’m winning. I just need to remember it. The plan is to get back to journaling, and start a twice weekly yoga/meditation practice to keep me balanced.

In other news, I went home to ATL for a whole week and had no parental drama for once in my life. I saw almost all of my cousins, the core GT crew, and got a ton of sibling quality time. Definitely one of the best holidays I’ve had since before my parents divorced. The world might be going crazy but there are still good things. I needed to remember that.



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