Dear Shea Moisture

Y'all messed up. I'm not going to rehash the whole debacle because other writers have already done it brilliantly¬†and I don't think I can top that. However, with CEO Rich Dennis's interview this morning on the Breakfast Club, there is some additional nuance that I want to address. You can watch the interview below. ¬†If … Continue reading Dear Shea Moisture

Dying to be beautiful

Yesterday I came across an article detailing yet another butt-injection related death. In case you didn't know, butt injections (yeah, that donk on Nicki Minaj? Not real) have become increasingly popular. So much so that people are letting themselves be hoodwinked into letting folks with no credentials, licenses, or medical expertise inject them with God … Continue reading Dying to be beautiful


What story do I want my closet to tell? I've always been interested in fashion. But, having a virtually nonexistent shopping budget meant that my wardrobe consisted mostly of jeans and t-shirts. The flyest things I owned were relegated to the winter season since the double whammy of Christmas and my birthday in January always … Continue reading Dressed