Bits and bobs

  1. Life update: Things have been pretty busy lately. August I was deep into my introvert bag and trying to unplug. September was back to business at work, and it’s going to be a busy fall for me. I have four lawsuits to file before Christmas (a divorce, a bankruptcy, and two actions for quiet title) and this week at work we’re being audited. So everything is weird and kind of tense because even though the auditors gave us a list of people they’d be interviewing and cases they’d be reviewing, they’re still lurking around the hallways so people are spooked. 

    2. This month my brother, Sunny and Maya all came to visit so it has snowballed into a social month for me. There’s an end of audit work happy hour on Friday (ugh, I haven’t RSVP’d yet); I met Diana for brunch last weekend and we’re doing pedicures this weekend, and I’ve caught up with Jaleesa and Maxine on the phone. It’s been good to touch base with everybody, I have some pretty cool friends. 

    3. I’m making progress on the wellness front too. I haven’t met all my goals (which is more a function of me making unrealistic goals than actual failure) but I am set to exit age 30 better than I entered it. Yesterday I slid into a pair of work pants that I could barely button up six months ago. My strength and stamina are consistently improving. I have a three month streak of working out at least 3 times a week. I’m finally starting to feel like having a healthy lifestyle is something that is attainable for me. I’m contemplating doing some kind of clean eating boot camp going up to Thanksgiving to kind of kick start things before we go into the season of sweets and starches. ( I started to say Whole 30 but if you can’t eat bread, grains, beans, sugar, or dairy, life is just not worth living).

    4. Michael Kors bought Versace (did you know he bought Jimmy Choo last year?) and I’m ready for a VERSACE Versace diffusion line
    at Macy’s (see also: MICHAEL Michael Kors, RACHEL Rachel Roy, and LAUREN Ralph Lauren). I will be the first in line to buy a tacky blouse. And yes, it will be for the sole purpose of a IG picture of me wearing said blouse in front of the gate at my house captioned “Versace, Versace, Medusa head on me like I’m ‘luminati/This is a gated community, please get the f*ck off the property (GATE!)”

5. My husband and I have been trying to save money to pay off debt, buy a house, and other adult things so we’ve been bringing lunch from home at least once a week and cooking dinner one more night a week (4 meals instead of 3). We have saved so much money that I’m ashamed to say how much! I honestly cringe when I think about how much we could have saved have we started earlier, but c’est la vie. The reduction in fast food and Chinese takeout didn’t hurt my waistline either. The “we got food at home” budget will change your life, even with a seemingly minimal change so I highly recommend it. 

6. Went to the movies two weekends in a row. “A Simple Favor” was better than expected! It had “Gone Girl” vibes, but a little more comedy. I was a little reluctant to see “Venom” because the trailers had such a horror movie feel and jump cuts make me jump out of my skin. But it was a weird sort of romantic comedy and somehow, it worked. I wouldn’t even be mad at a sequel. 

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